Dad drowns his 7-year-old daughter, claiming she harmed his chances of marrying for the third time.


Dad drowns his 7-year-old daughter, claiming she harmed his chances of marrying for the third time.

In India, a man was arrested on suspicion of murdering his 7-year-old daughter because he thought she was a “barrier” to his marriage prospects.

According to The Times of India, Dharmesh Devipujak, 35, of Sanad in the Indian state of Gujarat, is suspected of drowning the kid in the local Narmada canal on July 8 and fabricating bogus accounts about her disappearance to deceive the cops.

Devipujak, who has been divorced twice, first went to the police on July 9 and claimed that he had dropped his daughter, Priyanka, somewhere and couldn’t remember where since he was inebriated. The man begged the officers to find the youngster, and the authorities went on the lookout for her.

The next day, Devipujak returned to the authorities and told a new version. He informed the cops that he had brought his daughter to a nearby village’s marketplace, where she had been kidnapped by thugs.

On Sunday, the man returned to the police station and revised his story once more. He claimed they drove a van home from the market, and the driver offered them chocolates laced with sedatives, causing him to pass out, according to The Indian Express. When Devipujak regained consciousness, he told the cops that his daughter was nowhere to be found.

The police, on the other hand, were able to obtain surveillance footage from the area and discovered Devipujak’s lying about visiting the marketplace. According to the Times of India, authorities recovered the girl’s body from the Narmada canal later that day and summoned Devipujak for questioning.

Devipujak revealed to officers that on July 5, he tried to kill Priyanka by injecting pesticides into her, but she survived. On July 8, he took her to the canal and pushed her into it, killing her.

“He told us he’d been divorced twice before and wanted to marry again. He claimed that it was difficult for him to locate a spouse because he had a seven-year-old kid with him. Sanand town police officer H B Gohil told The Indian Express, “So he planned to murder her off.”

Murder and criminal conspiracy charges have been filed against the man.


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