Dad downloaded child rape photos, flights were canceled, and a teen was stabbed.


Dad downloaded child rape photos, flights were canceled, and a teen was stabbed.

Good morning, here are today’s headlines from The Washington Newsday.

While his fiancée was pregnant with their child, a young father downloaded photographs of child sex abuse.

Jake Lilliot was apprehended with 11 obscene photos, including three gruesome child rape files.

Later, the 26-year-old stated that he wanted to destroy the photos and submit them to authorities.

Neighbors are’shaken’ after a man with stab wounds is discovered on a peaceful street.

As Lilliot wailed, a judge dismissed his claims, but he was spared incarceration in part because of his parenting responsibilities.

As the coronavirus spreads across Europe again, new travel restrictions and procedures have been introduced as some countries re-enter lockdown.

The WHO revealed last week that it was “extremely concerned” about the continent’s statistics, warning that 500,000 additional fatalities might be recorded by March unless immediate action is taken.

After a spike in coronavirus infections prompted a fresh national shutdown, Jet2 has canceled its flights and vacations to Austria.

After being stabbed, a stabbed youngster staggered into The City of Liverpool College.

On Wednesday, November 24, about 4.50 p.m., emergency personnel were dispatched to the college on Roscoe Street in response to reports of a stabbing.

Before stumbling into The City of Liverpool College’s Arts Centre, the boy was allegedly stabbed by a man on Renshaw Street.

With significant injuries, he was transported to the hospital.


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