Dad broke the hand of the hospital patient because of a mysterious comment.


Anthony Gunnery visited Whiston Hospital after reporting the assault on him to police.

A father of four children beat another hospital patient for a mysterious comment.

He beat and kicked his victim who heard something “crack”.

Cameras caught the two of them exchanging words before Mr. Radley left and did not return until Gunnery ran towards him.

On April 19 this year, he met Anthony Radley, who had just been escorted out of the building by security guards.

The video footage showed the 48-year-old talking on his cell phone as he approached the emergency room at Prescot Hospital.

A second clip showed Gunnery repeatedly punching and kicking him in the face and ribs before he headed toward the hospital.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard Gunnery repeatedly strike him in the face as the victim’s eyes and nose began to bleed.

He raised his left hand to protect himself, but was hit on the wrist and felt a “crack” before falling to the ground.

As they passed each other, he said, “there seems to be a confirmation, as if something had been said”.

Christopher Hopkins, the prosecutor, said that as far as the Crown knew, the two men had not known each other before.

The prosecutor added, “the accused appears to be pointing at him.

The victim suffered several minor wounds on his face for which he had to be stitched with butterfly stitches, a swollen and tender right jaw and cheekbone, and two black eyes.

Mr. Radley’s left hand and wrist were sore, and an x-ray revealed that his fourth metacarpal was fractured and splinted.

Mr. Hopkins said: “Mr. Gunnery said – I mention this because Your Honor saw the video surveillance – that when the complainant walked past him, he pushed him, to which he replied to the complainant, ‘I want you lad’.

Gunnery was arrested and questioned by the police on April 26.

“The defendant said he believed the complainant was waiting for him and attacked him believing he would be attacked.

“Again, Your Honor saw the surveillance camera, the Crown’s case is clear that she was without any reason.

“Obviously there is no pressure – whatever happened, there was no physical contact between them….


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