Customers ‘require’ Marks & Spencer’s ‘next level’ Christmas hot drinks.


Customers ‘require’ Marks & Spencer’s ‘next level’ Christmas hot drinks.

After seeing them online, Marks and Spencer customers are keen to get their hands on the in-store festive drinks.

M&S has a devoted following on social media, where it posts regular stock and product updates to keep customers informed.

The prominent business recently created a stir on its main Instagram page by announcing its Christmas cake latte.

Primark customers laud the ‘beautiful’ £10 Christmas cardigans as a’must-have.’

Many stores are launching themed products ahead of the big day now that the holiday season is well underway.

M&S shared a photo of its latte and fully loaded hot chocolate with its 1.9 million Instagram followers.


The store captioned the photo as follows: “Forget pumpkin spice latte; this year, it’s all about the Christmas cake latte, which is made with a spiced syrup flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and citrus. It’s now available in the M&S Café, alongside our fully loaded hot chocolate with whipped chocolate cream, a Belgian chocolate drizzle, and chocolate curls. Please share this with a friend who would enjoy it!” The drinks, which can be purchased in M&S cafés, have received more than 7,500 likes on the popular social networking platform.

In the comments section, customers expressed their opinions.

“How fantastic do these look!!” Amy exclaimed, tagging a few friends.

Sadie, a friend, responded: “”Yes, we definitely need to go out for a Christmas coffee,” Emma said, adding, “wooooooah!” Also, m&s!!! Oh my goodness, we need to plan something!!!” “Yes, please!” answered Chantelle. “M&S coffee date? Xxx,” Amie asked a friend, to which Chloe replied, “absolutely needs to be done.”

“We’ll have to go,” one shopper said to a companion.

“How great does this hot chocolate sound,” Iona said.

“Christmas Cake latte??!!!” Aly said, tagging a friend. “Need to try that,” their pal said.

“Omggggg,” Katharine said, adding a string of heart eye emojis.

“I mean, that’s next level hot chocolate,” Freya exclaimed.

“We need,” Ellie said to a buddy.

“I HAVE to try this hot chocolate!” Jess added.


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