Customers looking for ‘cute’ £3 Christmas wax melt burners at B&M.


Customers looking for ‘cute’ £3 Christmas wax melt burners at B&M.

This year, B&M has a variety of Christmas goodies on sale, including a festive ceramic wax melt burner, which is the latest must-have.

Winter nights at home aren’t complete without a few candles, especially around the holidays.

The high-street store’s 1.3 million Instagram followers were treated to a photo of the holiday burners, which included two designs: a gingerbread man and a Christmas tree.

Is the heated airer from Aldi worth the money? We put it to the test, and here’s what we found. Place a tealight in the burner and a festive scented wax melt on top, and the room will smell like Christmas in minutes.

You’ll be put in a festive mood whether you choose a chocolate orange aroma, apple and cinnamon, or warm gingerbread.

In less than 24 hours, B&M’s post marketing the wax burners attracted over 700 comments.


“How cute are these,” one shopper said, tagging a buddy.

“If you see the gingerbread burner on your travels, please grab me one,” a second added, referring to a friend.

“How gorgeous are these,” said a third, who tagged a friend.

“Aww these are so cute,” said a fourth shopper.

Although the wax melt burners aren’t currently visible on the website, customers are eager to get their hands on them.

Keep a watch out for the arrival of the Christmas burners at your local B&M.


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