Customers at Home Bargains rave about a ‘wonderful’ £8 drink that they ‘ought to try.’


Customers at Home Bargains rave about a ‘wonderful’ £8 drink that they ‘ought to try.’

Customers were ecstatic after Home Bargains shared one of its newest goods online.

The famed Merseyside bargain store frequently uses social media to keep customers up to know on all of its latest food, apparel, and homeware items.

Home Bargains posted a snapshot of its new Parma Violet Gin Liqueur on its Instagram account this week, and it’s been a tremendous hit with customers.

Customers at Home Bargains rave about the £28 bedding, which “looks better than Ted Baker.”

“Stock up for New Years Eve with our great Gin Liqueur assortment,” Home Bargains wrote beside a photo of the gin. Manchester Drinks Parma Violet is one of our favorites. We like it best when it’s blended with lemonade.

“Now only £7.99 in shops.” Please drink with caution*.”


Hundreds of likes and comments were left on the Instagram picture by eager consumers.

Many shoppers stated in the comments below the post that they were intending to pick up a bottle on their next visit or that they were praising the product after having tried it.

“Sounds beautiful,” one shopper said beneath the post, and “ohhhhh yum!!” wrote another.

“Yessss, I love parma violets,” said a third.

“You’d love this,” a fourth shopper said, tagging a buddy.

“Need to try this one x,” wrote a fifth. “I’ve already tasted a bottle,” said another.

Parma Violet Gin Liqueur is currently available at Home Bargains for £7.99.


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