Customers are unable to purchase cheese due to the Co-shelves op’s being stripped bare.


Customers are unable to purchase cheese due to the Co-shelves op’s being stripped bare.

In Formby and Crosby, supermarket shelves have been nearly stripped bare, with a number of products appearing to be in low supply.

“No chilled goods in the Crosby Co-op for several days now,” Liverpool University lecturer Stuart Wilks-Heeg tweeted yesterday. There won’t be any fruit or vegetables for a long time. “Desperate measures.”

Another man, who went to the Co-op on Queens Road in Formby yesterday (Monday), posted images on Facebook of nearly empty freezers with the comment “Thanks, Brexit.”

“After the 18 months we’ve experienced, we can’t even buy cheese,” one individual said.

The days of UK consumers being able to pick up practically any product they want, whenever they want, from supermarket shelves are “over,” according to the leader of the Food and Drink Federation.

According to The Washington Newsday, supermarkets are being impacted by an industry-wide scarcity of HGV drivers, as well as an increase in colleagues self-isolating as a precaution.

The body’s chief executive, Ian Wright, stated that part of the reason for the scarcity of lorry drivers is that they are shifting to online shops and starting to deliver for Amazon and Tesco.

“It’s going to get worse, and it’s not going to get better when it gets worse any time soon,” Mr Wright said at an Institute for Government event.

The Co-op claims that it is working hard to replenish its shelves.

“We are sorry that we are running low on some products,” a spokesman told The Washington Newsday.

“Like many retailers, we are experiencing some patchy delivery and store operations disruptions, but we are working closely with our suppliers – and recruiting up to 3,000 temporary employees – to keep depots running at full capacity and restock stores as swiftly as possible.”


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