Current figures show a further decline in the coronavirus infection rate in Liverpool.


A decline in infection rates has been observed in the city over the last few days, possibly indicating that some of the restrictions in place may be taking effect.

Brand new data show a further decline in the Covid 19 infection rate in Liverpool, but the number of virus deaths continues to rise.

The number of people infected is again decreasing, but unfortunately the number of deaths in city hospitals continues to rise.

The extracted data covering the tests between October 17th and 23rd show that the total number of confirmed cases for the last 7 days is 2,425, a decrease of 588 cases from the previous week.

And today’s data show another encouraging decline.

Over the weekend, the rate was reported to have dropped to 545.1 cases per 100,000.

The positivity rate – the number of people tested and found positive for Covid-19 – has also decreased slightly, from 19% in this weekend’s update to 17.7% today.

This means that the recent weekly rate of Covid-19 in Liverpool is 486.9 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Although we can be cautiously encouraged by the news about the level of infection, the situation in the city’s hospitals remains extremely worrying.

Today’s data show that between 18 and 23 October Liverpool recorded 207 deaths, of which 36% (74) were Covid-19 deaths.

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The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, said in a tweeting message today that the figures showed how difficult it was to regain control of the virus in a city like Liverpool.

“2425 cases = declining, “R” rate 490 per 100,000 = declining, 74 deaths of covids in the last 7 days = increasing, 446 people in hospital = increasing, 87% ICU capacity as last week

he said: “COVID-19 no later than today in Liverpool.

“These figures show how difficult it is to regain control, but we must do it.


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