CRT teaching was exposed by an award-winning Indiana teacher, who is now barred from entering school buildings.


CRT teaching was exposed by an award-winning Indiana teacher, who is now barred from entering school buildings.

An Indianapolis teacher who went viral for exposing how his district was teaching Critical Race Theory has been barred from using his school email and from entering any of the district’s buildings.

Tony Kinnett, a science coach and administrator, disclosed that his access to his school email and Google Drive had been stopped in a Twitter thread. He explained that he has been “forced to work from home for the last two weeks due to workers supposedly having ‘clinical anxiety’ about working with me.” Kinnett went on to say that he was told at HR meetings that “the fact that the information I shared was public and maintained on public servers was ‘irrelevant.'” Finally, Kinnett claims that he has been “barred from entering any IPS school building or facilitating any professional development.” Kinnett, an award-winning teacher, told Fox News Digital that his key card for entering school facilities has been revoked, and that the district has received many emails and text messages from employees “who have refused to work with me.” Kinnett plans to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see if the district had any complaints against him. The Indianapolis School District is “terrified” that he may “take out my phone and videotape their classrooms,” he added.

“All of the other racist materials & movies from the public server weeks ago,” Kinnett stated on Twitter.

After publishing a video earlier this month exposing the purported teaching of CRT in Indiana Public Schools, the instructor went viral. Kinnett said the district instructs instructors to “handle our pupils differently based on color” in the video. He went on to say that because he visits dozens of schools every week, he has discovered that CRT is included into the curriculum of numerous topics such as math, art, history, and science in some manner.

“We educate our pupils that ‘white men’ are to blame for everything, and that everything Western civilisation has constructed is racist.” He stated, “Capitalism is an instrument of white supremacy.”

As more parents want answers, Kinnett’s revelations have heightened the discussion about CRT.

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) was forced to intervene last month by publishing a statement on the subject. When discussing racism in the classroom, the NSBA found that CRT was not being adequately described.

CRT is founded on the belief that racism is deeply embedded in American institutions. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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