COVID was released by the ‘Global Elites,’ according to Michael Flynn.


COVID was released by the ‘Global Elites,’ according to Michael Flynn.

COVID-19 was allegedly published by a secret group of “global elites” who may be ready to “impose” a new virus on the world, according to Michael Flynn’s conspiracy theory.

Flynn made the comments during a recent visit on The Alex Jones Show, where he was best known for his brief term as former President Donald Trump’s national security adviser. Despite “digital warriors” sleuthing having revealed the “truth” about the virus, Flynn assured host Alex Jones that there will be a planned COVID-19 spike, despite the fact that no reliable evidence proving the diabolical plot has been publicly given anywhere.

“We’ll see an increase in other areas of the COVID,” Flynn said. “There may even be a new form of SARS put on the international system… since their little scheme with COVID didn’t work because there are too many individuals in the globe of what I call the digital warriors, or citizen journalists, battling for the truth.” “All of the COVID tyranny that we are confronting has been exposed,” Flynn stated. “As a result, I believe we’ll see another form of virus forced on the general people. And while I hope this isn’t the case, I’ve seen some hints of it in some of the pronouncements made by some of these global elite types.” Flynn did not say what the final purpose of the alleged elites involved in the pandemic-inducing conspiracy was, other from achieving “COVID despotism.” He further claimed that the country’s economy will soon be sent into a “managed depression” by the government, and that the government would “shut down” all communications, but he admitted that “these are the worst-case scenarios.” Flynn claimed earlier this week that he was “not persuaded” that national elections will be held in 2022, arguing that Democrats would purposefully depress the economy to prevent Republicans from winning the midterm elections. Democrats, he claimed, planned to “place people all over the country under federal government control more and more in the coming year.” Flynn has also been linked to the debunked pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims that the government is controlled by a “deep state.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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