Covid Plan B measures could be implemented ‘in weeks’ in certain parts of the UK.


Covid Plan B measures could be implemented ‘in weeks’ in certain parts of the UK.

As winter “draws nearer,” England’s top medical officer has warned of an increase in coronavirus cases, but the government is sticking to plan A rather than strengthening restrictions.

As the number of cases and deaths has increased, as has the number of hospitalizations, a number of health officials have suggested that a number of restrictions be reinstated, including the wearing of masks in public areas and working from home.

There are also allegations that government officials are drafting ideas for a so-called ‘plan C,’ which would impose even more limitations than the plan B now in place, though this has been contested by others.

In Liverpool clubs, five persons claim to have been tainted with injections.

Plan C is expected to be similar to last year’s “tier” system, which saw varying limits imposed on different parts of the country depending on the number of Covid cases.

The Minister for Health, Edward Argar, denied that the government was considering a plan C that would prohibit households from mixing at Christmas.

“That’s not anything I’m aware of, I checked it out and I’m informed that is not a narrative with foundation,” he told Sky News when asked about a report in The Daily Telegraph.

“Of course, as a government, you look at alternatives and ways that you might, if necessary, start reducing that burden, like we did with our plan B.”

“The specifics of it and what was floated in it, as far as I understand it, as I only glanced at it on my way in this morning, about banning family mixing, things like that… is that it isn’t anything that is being actively examined,” says the speaker.

Plan A is already in place, and it focuses on completing the vaccine program while also conducting a booster jab campaign to increase the immunity of people who have already been fully inoculated against the virus.

People are asked to meet outside or open windows if they are indoors, to protect their faces in crowded and enclosed spaces, to wash their hands frequently, and to use the NHS Covid-19 app.

However, one health official has cautioned that unless we act quickly, we “risk stumbling into a winter crisis.” “The summary has come to an end.”


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