COVID has caused ‘unprecedented’ food shortages in Alabama schools.


COVID has caused ‘unprecedented’ food shortages in Alabama schools.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Alabama schools are experiencing major food and utensil shortages.

The present shortages are requiring Elmore County Schools’ Child Nutrition Director, Cayce Davis, to be as creative as possible, according to the Montgomery-based news station WSFA.

“Every week, a truck arrives to provide the meals for the following week,” she explained. “Twelve of our schools did not receive vehicles last week. We received notice of two more schools not receiving trucks about an hour and a half ago. So we’ve been missing out on 14 food trucks since Wednesday.”

Certain foods, such as chicken and milk, as well as meal equipment such as plastic forks and platters, are in short supply, according to Davis.

She explained, “We’ve adjusted our menu, modified what we’re planned for the coming week, and tried to order stuff from various wholesalers.”

According to the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), almost 687,000 children who rely on nutritious meals from their schools are affected by the shortfall, which has touched every district in Alabama.

Davis also stated that her nutrition crew has shrunk by “10 to 15%” owing to family [and/or] health difficulties, and that there are fewer food truck drivers to carry the meals to the staff cafeterias and school kitchens.

Davis explained, “We’ve just tried to be innovative and think beyond the box.” “Actually, one of the trays we’re using right now is a meat foam tray from the grocery store, which is used to packaging meat, but it’s perfect for kids to put their food on and carry to the table.”

According to Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore, the district is experiencing a similar food scarcity situation.

Moore told WSFA, “We were able to gather enough food to get us through the first part of this week.” “We expect further goods to begin arriving in the middle of the week, and for the time being, it appears that we will be fine.”

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on Alabama schools, and the deadly virus is also wreaking havoc on Alabama hospitals.

The president of the Alabama Hospital Association, Dr. Don Williamson, has urged state lawmakers to prioritize financing for local hospitals due to. This is a condensed version of the information.


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