Covid cases continue to fall in Knowsley, but the Council warns against trick or treat.


After Knowsley’s infection rate peaked on October 9 at 730 cases per 100,000 people, it fell to 556 cases per 100,000 people on October 25.

Cases of coronavirus have continued to decline in Knowsley, but the infection rate remains high and hospitals are still under stress.

The infection rate in Knowsley is still very high despite a recent drop in numbers.

The county’s local outbreak board heard on Thursday that the number of tests performed in Knowsley has decreased and that further analysis is needed to determine the reasons for this.

The week to October 25 was the second consecutive week in which coronavirus cases in the county declined, but infections are still high, especially among the over-60s.

With pressure on hospitals and the continued prevalence of Covid-19 throughout the district, Knowsley Council has warned people not to stay home for Halloween and the night of the bonfires.

The Council continued its support for testing and tracing services and closed 28% of the more complex cases that had been referred to local authorities by the National Service. However, health officials will be concerned that 13% of cases in the community refuse to use testing and tracing services.

Despite the fall in cases, the committee also learned that hospitals remain under pressure as the number of in-patients with Covid 19 remains high and the NHS is beginning to see the effects of the usual winter pressures in addition to the coronavirus crisis.

Council President Graham Morgan said in a statement: “It has been a long seven months and we all need to continue to make sacrifices in the fight against Covid.

“Unfortunately this year we are asking you not to do any of this and I know it is hard.

“This weekend, many families would have had Halloween parties or played pranks on the kids or treated them. Maybe you were looking forward to some fireworks.

“My thanks to all of you who are doing the right thing and will limit your celebrations to your own households this year and support bubbles”.


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