Coronavirus levels have been ‘suppressed’ in only four Liverpool neighborhoods.


Coronavirus levels have been ‘suppressed’ in only four Liverpool neighborhoods.

After a dramatic increase in cases in recent weeks, only four wards in Liverpool still have suppressed coronavirus levels.

In the seven days leading up to June 7, the city’s overall infection rate was 68.5 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

In that week, 341 cases were reported, which was more than treble the previous week’s total.

At the local level, the recent increases in illnesses across the city are also visible.

Only four of the city’s wards had detectable levels of coronavirus a month ago, with the remaining 26 having “suppressed” levels.

Only West Derby, Childwall, Church, and Cressington now have less than five cases, putting them in the “suppressed” category.

With rising case numbers in recent weeks, Liverpool’s predicament mirrors that of much of the UK.

These increases are now having an influence on hospitalization rates across the country, with the number of Covid patients in hospitals in England surpassing 1,000 for the first time since mid-May.

Liverpool, like the rest of Merseyside’s boroughs, is in a better position than many boroughs in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire regions, but rates are still growing.

The highly transmissible Delta strain is responsible for nine out of ten new cases, according to health secretary Matt Hancock.

It comes as doctors continue to advise people to obtain both Covid vaccines as soon as they are eligible.

People over the age of 25 became eligible for vaccinations yesterday, which resulted in a record-breaking day for vaccine bookings. Throughout the day, almost 1 million reservations were made.

According to experts, the vaccination provides good protection against the Delta version, but two shots are required to provide that degree of protection.


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