Coronavirus in Australia: Victoria to relax lockdown when cases decrease


Officials are easing the strict coronavirus restrictions in the state of Victoria after more than 100 days of confinement.

Starting Monday, people will be able to travel further and meet more friends, with no time limit on how long they can stay outside the home.

However, strict measures remain in place for restaurants and retailers, restricting them to take-away and delivery options.

The rules will also be relaxed for the city of Melbourne, which was under tighter lockdown.

From 19 October onwards, Melbourne

People can travel up to 25 km (15 miles) from their homes to play sports or shop.

Meetings of up to 10 people from two different households are allowed

There will no longer be a time limit for socializing and outdoor exercise

Hairdressers, tennis, golf and skate parks reopened, subject to Covid-19 restrictions

Furthermore, in the Victoria region:

Two adults and two children may now visit the house of another person

Hospitality will be allowed 70 visitors outside and 40 visitors inside the building.

“I know that these changes cannot be absolutely everything that everyone wants,” said Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

“But it is the steps we can take safely that will make life a little easier.

“Stick to the rules and make sure that the numbers in Melbourne are as low as in the Victoria region. Then we will all be able to move freely in our state”.


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