Corona draft resolution: Lockdown from November?.


In order to stem the further spread of infection, the federal government plans new corona restrictions, according to a report. According to the report, contacts are to be minimized and restaurants and leisure facilities are to be closed by the end of November.

According to a report, the federal government plans to take drastic measures by the end of November to try to contain the corona pandemic in Germany. As reported by the Funke Media Group with reference to a draft resolution of the telephone conference of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with the Minister Presidents this Wednesday, the population is to be encouraged to keep contacts with other people “to an absolute minimum” from November 4 until the end of November. Members of their own household are excluded.

According to the report, from Wednesday of next week onwards, only members of one’s own household and of another household will be allowed to go out in public. This is binding, and violations of these contact restrictions will be sanctioned accordingly.

The stay in the public should only be “permitted with the members of one’s own household and one other household”. “This applies obligatorily and offences against these contact restrictions are sanctioned accordingly by the order authorities. Any “groups of people celebrating” in public places, in apartments as well as in private facilities going beyond this would be “unacceptable” in view of the serious situation.

Citizens should therefore also be asked to generally refrain from private travel and visits. This also applies to relatives.

Restrictions until end of November, again Corona emergency aid

Bars, clubs, discotheques, pubs will also be closed according to the plans. “This does not include the delivery and collection of takeaway food for consumption at home. Beauty salons, massage parlors, tattoo studios and brothels will also have to close. Retail outlets, schools and daycare centers will remain open, but will have to take additional hygiene measures.

All proposed measures are to come into force on November 4 and remain in force until the end of November, i.e. for about four weeks. After two weeks, the federal and state governments are to consult again and make “necessary adjustments”.

Companies and facilities affected by the closures are to receive “emergency aid” from the federal government. Existing support measures are also to be extended. All companies that can and may continue to work are “urged” to make home-based work possible “wherever this is feasible”.

Health authorities can no longer track contacts

To justify the new measures, it is argued that the number of corona infections “is now increasing exponentially in almost all regions of Germany”. Many public health authorities could no longer guarantee complete contact tracing, which in turn contributes to “an accelerated spread of the virus”.

Therefore, it is now necessary “to stop the infection process by significantly reducing the number of contacts in the population as a whole”. The number of new infections must be reduced “back to the traceable level of less than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week”.

“It is the goal of the federal and state governments to quickly interrupt the infection dynamics so that no far-reaching restrictions on personal contacts and economic activity are necessary during the Christmas season,” it continues. “Families and friends should also be able to meet under corona conditions during the Christmas season. For this purpose, a joint effort is needed again now, as in spring”.



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