Cook fired for scribbling ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on a school menu sign and quitting early.


Cook fired for scribbling ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on a school menu sign and quitting early.

The head cook at a Vermont school was dismissed after writing a contentious euphemism on a menu calendar and then leaving early.

Alex McGregor was fired from Walden School, a pre-kindergarten to eighth-grade school in West Danville, Vermont, after putting “Let’s Go Brandon” on the school’s food calendar. The phrase was “on school property in an area where it would easily be viewed by kids and employees,” according to the school’s termination letter to the former head cook. They also cite his failure to work his entire shift for three days without explanation as another another grounds to fire him.

According to the Caledonian Record, McGregor scrawled the statement on a menu calendar that was out of sight for many students. The Superintendent of the Caledonia Central Supervisory Union, on the other hand, disagreed.

“This isn’t about having political beliefs or making political statements…about it’s exploiting a foul term in a primary school,” Mark Tucker told reporters.

“Let’s Go Brandon,” which translates to “F**k Joe Biden,” has been adopted as a rallying cry. In an interview following his triumph, NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast, who was wearing a huge headset, told NASCAR driver Brandon Brown that they were shouting his name instead of the profane chant. “Let’s Go Brandon” gained hold rapidly among conservatives, and has been yelled at different demonstrations and QAnon-backed churches since the election.

NASCAR, on the other hand, has distanced itself from the chant that began at one of their events. “Do we like the fact that it started with NASCAR and is now spreading to other sports?” NASCAR President Steve Phelps asked reporters earlier this month. “No, that does not make us happy.” See the following links for further Associated Press reporting: McGregor further clarified that the phrase does not necessarily imply “F**k Joe Biden.” Earlier last month, Vermont’s newly elected GOP chair hosted a rally in Brandon. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis attended a similar gathering in the state’s same-named town, according to the Washington Newsday. He held the gathering in order to sign a measure that tightened COVID-19 regulations and mandated vaccinations across the state.

“I promised Floridians that we would preserve their employment, and tonight we passed legislation to do just that,” DeSantis said. This is a condensed version of the information.


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