Confidence is essential when it comes to angling.


Confidence is essential when it comes to angling.

Anglers are familiar with and understand the numerous species we strive to catch on our outings out on the many different venues we frequent, but our many different kinds of fish do not all prefer the same water conditions or habitat.

As a result, learning about the species we’re hunting will necessitate a significant amount of knowledge.

Many people are aware that some fish prefer clear water while others prefer colored water, but as a beginner, wherever we go, it’s always worth remembering that confidence is vital.

It’s a concept that came to mind this week as we discussed our theories: confidence should always entail thinking about the fish we’re pursuing, not simply our own composure.

Friends were given the opportunity to steer the discourse, which mostly revolved around the subject of sky-lining and boisterous bankside behavior while fishing close in.

At the best of times, especially in clear water, wary species, nothing is more annoying than a ‘visit’ from a fellow angler.

Even if you’re quiet at all times, someone could slip up behind you and shove your fish out as the skylines are breached.

I’m not going after the enthusiastic young ones whose ennui, especially when they’re unsuccessful, causes them to roam. Instead, I’m going after anyone who, while fishing, overshadows another angler for whatever reason. It has the potential to be fatal.

On the bank on Sunday, Alliance and Leicester AC club anglers paid tribute to a member who is still fondly remembered.

Tony Stewart’s tribute at the club’s home venue, Chapel Pool, drew a large crowd.

Given the current form between two well-known brothers, it was nearly likely that one of the Pellows would be in a frame position in this one. With a maggot approach, it was a formality to alert Lydiate’s Colin, who, as the younger of the two, proudly took a cracking winning catch for 87.11.0.

Dave Langton of Southport came in second on the day. Langton caught a comparable fish for a score of 84.10.0. The summary comes to a close.


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