Cocaine stirred up “danger for women” and raped a sleeping stranger in her bed.


The victim said she “enjoyed a nice evening” when it “turned into the worst night of my life”.

A pervert filled with cocaine, described as a “danger to women,” raped a sleeping stranger in her own bed after letting himself into her house.

“I was enjoying a nice evening at home when it turned out to be the worst night of my life”.

Cooper was convicted today by the Crown Court in Liverpool after forcing his victim to relive the events of the horrific attack in a trial.

He then made “every woman’s ultimate nightmare” come true by going straight upstairs and raping her in her sleep, one night in 2018.

Gerard Cooper, 39, walked into the woman’s unlocked house in Dingle in the early hours of the morning after taking cocaine and drinking.

The judge told how the victim met her boyfriend after work and had a few drinks before going to his house, watching a movie and then going home.

A jury found him guilty of rape on September 17 this year.

Judge David Swinnerton told today about the horrible events that made the victim “hysterical”.

Cooper of Croxteth Grove, Dingle, “spent the afternoon playing pints and snooker” and admitted to using cocaine.

After she got home, her friend visited her with “a few bottles of wine” and they stayed up “until about 2 a.m.” before the victim’s girlfriend left after helping her to bed.

Judge Swinnerton summarized that the victim “woke up to find that you, a stranger to her husband, had sex with her.

“She was half asleep, tipsy and not fully conscious.”

The victim, while “frightened” and “confused,” ran down the stairs and wrapped a towel around her – at which point Cooper left her house.

Judge Swinnerton said, “When he came to her, she was sobbing on the couch,” and a subsequent medical exam revealed “abrasions to her genitals” and Cooper’s DNA.

The frightened rape victim called her boyfriend, who described her as “desperate” and “hysterical” and said that “clearly something very traumatic had happened.

“You went straight upstairs where you raped her. You entered her house without permission with the intention of raping her.

The judge said, “There was no disturbance to her property. They had seen her clearly that evening and knew that she was alone. They let themselves in through the front door, which was unfortunately unsafe, you could go in….


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