Chloe is concerned that she may be ejected from Love Island.


Chloe is concerned that she may be ejected from Love Island.

Chloe Burrows, who is now on Love Island, is concerned that she will be the next person to be sent off the show.

In Thursday’s episode, the lads will choose who they want to recouple with in yet another recoupling.

Love Island posted a ‘first peek’ on Instagram, with Chloe worried that she would be the next to depart because she and Toby Aromolaran are going through a difficult period.

After a furious argument with Kaz, Toby’s fans all say the same thing about him.

In Wednesday’s episode, Chloe and Toby got into an argument because he had been talking to new girl Abigail Rawlings while Chloe claimed he hadn’t spoken to her all morning.

On Friday’s episode, the couple will have yet another fight.

“It’s up to you how you want to move,” Chloe informs Toby. I’m sorry, but I don’t have much to say to you. If you were that interested in me, it should have been turned off, but that wasn’t the case. In front of me, you’re connecting arms. The obnoxious flirting That is inconsiderate. Do any of the other boys seem to be doing the same thing? Toby, it’s now laughable.”

Toby, on the other hand, believes Chloe is overthinking the problem.

Fans have flocked to Twitter to speculate that Toby may choose Abigail instead of Chloe, implying that Chloe would be ejected from the villa.

“Someone is departing tonight,” one fan tweeted. It’s probably goodbye, Chloe #LoveIsland.”

“So Chloe might be leaving #LoveIsland,” another speculated.


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