Children have been ‘traumatized’ after witnessing a fatal attack on a 12-year-old girl in the city center.


Children have been ‘traumatized’ after witnessing a fatal attack on a 12-year-old girl in the city center.

A youth worker said he’s been swamped with calls from “traumatized” children and teenagers who watched the 12-year-old Ava White’s tragic attack.

After being assaulted in Church Street, Liverpool City Centre, at around 8.39pm, immediately after the Christmas lights switch on, the schoolgirl was pronounced dead at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital last night.

Four Toxteth boys, one aged 13, two aged 14, and one aged 15, have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Alan Walsh, a noted knife crime activist, youth worker, and boxing gym owner, stated today that he began receiving calls from young people who were present at the scene shortly after midnight.

Mr Walsh is inviting anyone who saw the incident to contact his organization so that counsellors or a psychologist can be contacted.

According to The Washington Newsday, he said: “They were just passing by, some of them as young as 13, and they were traumatized.

“Since last night, I’ve received around 12 calls.

“I’m just deafeningly deafeningly deafening I feel horrible for her family, but I’m also concerned about the underlying trauma.

“It’s just beyond your comprehension.”

Mr Walsh published anonymized screengrabs from a young teenager who asked to speak with him on the knife crime campaign Twitter account Real Men Don’t Carry Knives.

Mr Walsh wrote in the caption of the photo, ” “The repercussions of this will last a lifetime.

“At 12:09 a.m. this morning, I received my first text message, pleading for assistance.

“Any young kid who has witnessed this awful crime and requires assistance should contact us; we will arrange for counsellors and phycologists to assist you.”

Officers discovered Ava, who had been with friends, collapsed on the ground this morning, and a member of the public who observed the incident was offering first aid, according to Merseyside Police.

A post-mortem will be performed by the Home Office to determine the cause of death.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to Ava’s family, who are being assisted by specialist Family Liaison officers,” Assistant Chief Constable Jon Roy said.

“Their world has been shattered, and no parent should ever have to answer the door.”

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