Child swallows a tablet brought to the highest school by a student while the police is investigating.


Parents today spoke of their shock after discovering the news of the police investigation with the fear that the pills brought to school were a recreational drug.

The pills were taken to one of Merseyside’s most prestigious schools and taken by a child, triggering a police investigation.

Earlier this week, officers were called to Merchant Taylors school in Crosby after concerns were raised about the substances on the premises.

It is suspected that a child may have taken one of the pills, but it is not believed to have become seriously ill.

Officials visited the Merchant Taylors’ School in Crosby after tablets were confiscated from a student.

The tablets are being analyzed to determine their contents.

Police are investigating how the tablets got to the school in Liverpool Road, suspecting that they were brought by a teenager, a student.

He is believed to be under 16 years old.

“Some of the students watched as the police drove into the school the other day and wondered what was going on.

“Right now it’s all the talk of the school.”

No arrests were made.
A police spokesman from Merseyside told ECHO: “We can confirm that we are conducting an investigation following the allegation that a student brought a number of pills to Merchant Taylors’ school in Crosby.

“There is no evidence that it is widespread in the school or that anyone has become seriously ill as a result of taking any of the pills.

“Investigations are continuing to determine what the pills are.”

The school found the tablets on the boy and confiscated them before reporting the matter to the police.

A parent whose child is visiting Merchant Taylor’s child said, “We are concerned that there are drugs that may have been brought into the school.

“Due to the unspecified nature of the items and the age of the student, we have duly reported the matter to Merseyside police who are continuing their investigation.

David Wickes, principal of Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School, said: “We can confirm that earlier this week tablets were taken from a student at the school….


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