Chengdu, China wants to introduce a blockade for the city administration.


The Chinese city of Chengdu wants to adopt the block chain technology and use its numerous applications.
The city has a plan to use block chains in various areas where it could improve processes.
The authorities insisted in particular on the use of block chain in the city administration and in the medical sector.

Acceptance of block chain in China is growing rapidly since its president Xi Jinping publicly praised it in May 2018. Since then, the country has even developed its own digital currency, popularly known as the digital yuan.

Indeed, former Vice Minister of Science and Technology Wu Zhongze believes that China is as advanced as Europe or the US in developing block chain ecosystems.

Now one of his cities plans to use block chain technology for a number of different applications.

China’s city has a plan to introduce block chain technology

According to a recent report published by local media, the authorities of Chengdu, China, plan to introduce a blockade on municipal government, smart manufacturing, international trade and more.

The plan was announced during the city’s first International Blockchain Industry Expo, known as the 2020 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair. During the event, the Secretary of the Party Group of the Chengdu New Economy Committee, Lu Tiecheng, published the Chengdu Blockchain Application Scenario Supply Action Plan.

The plan aims to allow contributors in a wide range of different areas to submit their own block chain adoption applications. The areas cover everything from education and healthcare to financial services and intellectual property.

What do the authorities want to achieve?

The goal of the authorities is to create two or three major block-chain cluster development areas over the next two years. The plan includes the use of Blockchain to ensure compliance with the law and notes that government officials want to improve the process of data collection.

They also want to promote control, risk prevention and management of various urban operations.

As mentioned earlier, the officials also believe that Blockchain may have some important tools in the medical field. The secretary highlighted these use cases and suggested that they could be used for electronic medical records, material verification, electronic prescription circulation, data exchange and more.


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