Charles hops on his bike to kick off a charity bike ride.


Charles hops on his bike to kick off a charity bike ride.

“I haven’t worked out the gears,” the Prince of Wales quipped as he climbed on his bike to start a charity cycle ride.

More than 30 riders started off on their 250-mile (400-kilometer) Palaces On Wheels event in behalf of the British Asian Trust from Highgrove, Charles’ Gloucestershire residence (BAT).

During their journey, the bikers will stop at a variety of royal palaces, including Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and Sandringham.

“I haven’t worked out the gears,” the prince joked as he clutched the handlebars. I hope I don’t run into you again or get stuck behind you.”

Charles, who was joined by actor Sanjeev Bhaskar, a BAT ambassador, admitted to a fast practice a week ago, but said he hadn’t cycled in “years” and was a little wobbly when he began.

The prince immediately warmed up and rushed down the lane leading to his home, which was lined with Indian Dhol drummers.

He had jokingly told the bikers earlier that they were “a very good demonstration of why I don’t wear Lycra!” after seeing them in tight-fitting riding gear.

“Getting into it is a nightmare,” he continued.

And he burst out laughing as Rohit Chadda, one of the charity ride’s organizers, handed him a little Lycra top.

“Did we get the wrong one?” says the narrator. Mr Chadda made a joke about Charles’ puzzled expression.

He stretched the top hilariously, saying, “I mean, I’ve heard about Lycra, but really!”

The prince was riding a borrowed British-made Pashley bike, clad in beige trousers and jacket with a shirt and tie.

When asked why he didn’t choose a sportier model, he replied, “I don’t think my back could handle that!”

– The British Asian Trust was created in 2001 by Charles and a group of renowned Asian business executives to help communities in Southeast Asia overcome poverty and disadvantage.


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