Chanel, the lost parrot, has returned home, and his mother is overjoyed.


Chanel, the lost parrot, has returned home, and his mother is overjoyed.

Today, an overjoyed pet owner appeared on This Morning to confirm that her African Grey parrot Chanel has returned home.

Sandra Hannah, from Netherton, appeared on the show yesterday in tears, pleading with viewers to contact her if they saw her lost bird, which had vanished yet again.

Last year, a video she made while continuously calling for her missing parrot went viral on social media, but Sandra was less optimistic this time after the bird had been gone for three days.

On This Morning, a tearful pet owner makes a desperate plea for Chanel’s return.

Sandra made a surprise appearance on the ITV show today to confirm that Chanel had been found by her neighbor Laura a mile away from the residence.

When the neighbor saw Chanel in their garden, she followed Sandra’s instructions and called her name to persuade her to come inside.

When Sandra’s daughter called to confirm that it was Chanel, the parrot startled the family who had rescued her.

Sandra explained, “While she was there, my daughter FaceTimed her, and when she shouted ‘Chanel,’ she raced to the camera, and they flung the phone and locked themselves outside in the garden.”

Sandra revealed that she had been sleeping when Chanel was rescued after worrying for three days.

“My bedroom door burst open, they turned up the lights, and Chanel was on my daughter’s arms,” she added.

“She flew right up to me, and I cuddled her.”

Sandra expressed her delight at the parrot’s homecoming and confirmed that the African Grey will no longer be able to fly because her wings will be clipped.

“It’s for her safety and my health,” she explained.


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