Celebrity children that look just like their famous parents


Celebrity children that look just like their famous parents

Celebrity children acquire a variety of assets, ranging from opulent lifestyles to exceptional abilities – and, in many cases, their parents’ celebrity looks.

When a celebrity posts a photo of their child on social media, people are quick to point out family resemblances.

And it’s always interesting to observe which celebrity parent their children end up taking after when two famous faces fall in love and establish a family.

Merseyside-born celebrities’ current residence towns and cities

Fans frequently remark on Steven Gerrard’s Instagram account, claiming that his son Lio is a carbon copy of the Liverpool star, to the point where many Reds fans hope he may one day play for the club.

He isn’t the only Liverpool celebrity whose child is a miniature version of himself.

Here are some celebrities with ties to Liverpoo l whose children look just like their famous parents.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Kit, Kai, Cass Mac, and Klay are the couple’s four children, and the little boys are frequently compared to their footballer father.

Fans couldn’t help but notice the similarities in one family photo uploaded on Instagram.

“The kids all look like you, king @waynerooney,” one said.

“Lovely images, the boys the image of Wayne. X,” wrote another.

Some fans have remarked on how much Kai resembles his mother.

“The image of you,” admirers said on Coleen’s Instagram post of Kai enjoying his 10th birthday.

“What a lucky guy; it appears to be a fantastic day!”

Another person added, “Ah happy birthday, you remind me a lot of your mother.”

Salah Mo

On his Instagram feed, Mohamed Salah frequently posts cute photos of himself and his daughter.

And admirers are eager to point out how much his daughter Makka resembles her Liverpool FC star father, particularly when it comes to their matching grins.

Last year, Mo’s wife Magi Salah gave birth to the couple’s second kid, Kayan.

Alex Curran and Steven Gerrard

Gerrard and his wife, Alex Curran, are the parents of four children.

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