Carol Vorderman posts an emotional post on the birth of her son.


Carol Vorderman posts an emotional post on the birth of her son.

Carol Vorderman turned to social media after her son Cameron received his Master’s degree in Animation and VFX to make an emotional post about him.

The 60-year-old media celebrity expressed her pride in the 24-year-old, who has serious educational learning impairments, to her fans.

Carol captioned the photo with, “So my son Cameron grew up, stuck with it, through incessant bullying (you’re thick!!! ), changed schools, developed learning strategies, worked hard, and eventually achieved a FIRST CLASS DEGREE IN ANIMATION FROM @UWEBristol last summer.”

Pete Sandiford, the star of Gogglebox, has a new baby, a real job, and famous great-uncles.

“Now he has a MASTERS DEGREE from @dundeeuni,” says the source. He is now THE MASTER, and I am really proud of him. I’ve always known he could succeed with the right support, but the mainstream system is failing to meet the needs of more children with severe learning disabilities.

“Their growth curve is shaped differently. They have their superpower, and if they are properly guided, they will find their way one day.”


Cameron’s admirers reacted positively to the former Countdown host’s message, with many calling her “Amazing.”

“Amazing!” exclaimed one of her fans. Cameron, congratulations!”

“That’s incredible, Cameron,” another fan commented.

“Amazing darling,” commented a third.

Carol’s post was also commented on by Scouse Ma, who revealed that her eldest child has autism. “I adore this!” she exclaimed. My firstborn is autistic, therefore I’m hoping to see them succeed!”

Carol responded, “@scousema, you more than understand.” If you want to talk about the techniques, I’m happy to do so.”


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