Carlo Ancelotti could think outside the box to replace Richarlison for Everton.


The Brazilian quickly established himself as one of the most important players in the blues squad, shortly after he moved to the club from Watford in the summer of 2018.

As Everton stated again this weekend, replacing Richarlison in the starting line-up is no easy task.

Everton will play two more games without Richarlison after his red card against Liverpool earlier this month, after painfully missing the Brazilian against Southampton.

Richarlison’s absence was very obvious against Southampton, and although it was not the only problem Everton had that afternoon, it played a crucial role in the season’s first defeat.

However, his suspension after receiving a red card against Liverpool earlier this month gave Carlo Ancelotti a headache that he is trying to resolve.

Thanks to his versatility, he has since been able to adapt to various positions in the top three leagues, and the 23-year-old is currently far left in the field.

It would not be easy to replace the Brazilian in any team, as he has unique skills and is of great importance to the team.

But what could Ancelotti’s plan B for future games look like?

Bernard played his first Premier League minute match of the season against Southampton last weekend, when he came off the bench at halftime to replace Alex Iwobi, who we will talk about later.

For this reason it is difficult to give a statistical assessment of the Brazilian’s ability to replace his compatriot – but there are still interesting points from his figures against the Saints.

Although the 23-year-old has a great deal of influence in attack, his willingness to return and go into the Hard-Yards on both sides of the field is fascinating.

For example, one of the biggest aspects of Richarlison’s game is how strong he is on defense.

Richarlison has played an average of 2.8 tackles per 90 minutes this season in the Premier League, plus 0.5 interceptions and 0.9 intervals.

In fact, the Brazilian’s scores in the latter statistic were better than all the others who played for Everton on Sunday afternoon.

In this respect, Bernard’s 45 minutes against Southampton were at least comparable. He made one tackle, one clearance and three interceptions during his time on the court.

Only two Everton players made major passes in the 90 minutes against Southampton, James Rodriguez and Bernard, and both players made two.

Although he was not on the field until the second half, Bernard also made more passes than three Blues that were used on the South Coast.

With regard to the attack statistics, there were also interesting points to note.


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