Cardano’s Catalyst reaches the Google Play Store.


Charles Hoskinson’s cryptoproject, Cardano, recently introduced its App Catalyst to Google Play Store.
The community hopes that the app will help drive acceptance of Cardano and the crypto industry itself.
There have been many crypto apps in the Play Store and App Store, but most of them were eventually blocked.

The crypto currency industry continues to do everything in its power to push the introduction in any way it can. It is believed that making crypto apps available in the Google Play Store would be a great help in achieving this goal. Now, the Cardano crypto project has successfully launched its Catalyst application in the Play Store and is offering it to users around the world.

The launch of Catalyst is an important milestone

Of course, Catalyst is not the first project to reach the Google Play Store. But the problem is that companies like Google and Apple, who own the largest app stores in the world, are still quite skeptical about crypto.

Many apps launched in the past have been blocked by Google, and the Cardano community hopes that Catalyst will not share their fate.

For now, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson believes that this is an important milestone on the road to decentralization.

I am delighted to see Catalyst in the toy business. With Cardano you can vote with your phone! Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) October 24, 2020

The project has a cash register and voting system that can be used freely by the community. The app can also be downloaded completely free of charge, but please note that it is still in the beta phase.

Use cases of the Catalyst app in the Cardano ecosystem

The app is an important part of Cardano’s fifth phase, known as Voltaire. The crypto project will use this phase to enable the community to maintain the block chain while development continues through proposals, voting and implementation of new system improvements.

Each owner of Cardano will automatically receive his voting rights depending on the number of Cardano (ADA) coins he owns. In the meantime, the Catalyst app can be used to distribute votes and evaluate current and future projects.

There are currently three projects that voters can review, including Free Commerce, Lovelace Academy Marlow Plutus and Cardano Hub.


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