Canadians handed out Bitcoin gift cards for Halloween.


One crypto user decided to give Bitcoin gift cards to “trick or treat” this Halloween.
The children who received the gift cards in the end immediately understood what they were holding in their hands.
Many have praised the crypto user’s move as it spreads awareness and teaches a lesson in scarcity.

Halloween is one of every child’s favorite holidays, which is hardly surprising when you consider that they can dress up in different costumes and collect candy in their neighborhood. However, when the Canadian decided to do something different this year, and instead of just giving out candy, he also distributed Bitcoin gift cards to several children who showed up at his doorstep.

Bitcoin finds its way to candy bags for trick or treat

According to a tweet posted by Brad Mills on October 31, this crypto user filled his Halloween candy box with $200 in Bitcoin (BTC) cards.

As soon as a group of trick-or-treaters arrived, Mills distributed two gift cards worth about 0.007 BTC each. He also filmed the reactions of those who received the cards and later posted them on Twitter.

I put some $100 @RiseWallet #Bitcoin cards in my box of Halloween candy and captured the moment when some random trick-or-treaters found them.


It gives me hope that these zoomer kids actually know what Bitcoin is. Brad Mills (@bradmillscan) November 1, 2020

The video shows a boy in a white costume who was the first to rummage through the treats and look at his prize. Interestingly, the boy immediately recognized the Bitcoin gift certificate and told his friends that he “just received a Bitcoin gift certificate worth $100.

I am so proud that these young children know what this asset class is all about.

All of them. Even though the markets ebb and flow.

Please think of these children, if you ever doubt yourself, think of all the excitement about Bitcoin.

Crypto Currency IS the Future – God of Crypto (@TrueGodofCrypto) November 1, 2020

Another trick-or-treater quickly found his own gift card, followed by repeated cheers “I have Bitcoin!

Of course, not all of the children in the group were familiar with Bitcoin, so questions like “What is Bitcoin?” were quickly asked. Mills and his family later handed out a few more cards to a group of girls who came soon after and wanted to participate in the raffle.

Part 2.

When I came home with my daughter, there was a group of little girls who heard about the #Bitcoin cards, so we gave them some too.

“I SPENT SO MUCH SASS, COME ON” Brad Mills (@bradmillscan) November 1, 2020

What can trick-or-treaters do with their BTC?

The question now is what these children can do with the gift cards, considering that while minors are not explicitly excluded from using the coins or the HODLing, they would still need to verify their identity in order to use the crypto exchange. This means that they would technically not be able to sell their coins alone until they are 18 years old.

Of course, children in Canada still have access to Bitcoin’s ATMs, although BTC trading and deposits on regulated platforms are probably still not an option for them.

The crypto community responded to the Post with much positivity, and many saw it as a good lesson in scarcity. And, of course, many praised the move as an awareness raising exercise.


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