“Brown water” that “smells like eggs” and comes out of the tap.


Several people in the Speke area have written that their running water “smells like eggs”, while others say that it “smells like gas”.

People in Liverpool have complained about the strange smell of water from their taps.

People have posted in social media that their water smells like eggs or gas, while one person said their water has a “brown hue”.

She wrote: “Really arbitrary, but has anyone smelled their water lately?

A woman visited a community page on Facebook after noticing a strange smell from the water as she was about to take a shower.

In response to the post, a woman commented that her own water supply had smelled like “gas” in the last few days and said she even turned off the gas in her house to make sure it wasn’t coming from there.

“I just went to take a shower, and the water smells really bad, and I’ve been adding juice to the kids all day, but I realized that the water both above and below had never had a problem before”.

In another post she said that she had to buy bottled water because the smell was “just awful”.

Another woman wrote that her water “smells like egg”.

Several others commented that they too had noticed a strange smell from the water, and one said that her water came out with a “brown shimmer”.

The comments about the strange-smelling water came days after Echo reported that people in several parts of Merseyside reported yellow water from their kitchen and bathroom faucets.

They admitted that the water did not look nice, but was probably not harmful to health, and suggested that people run a light trickle of water from their cold faucets until it was clear.

United Utilities confirmed that the yellow water was caused by a burst water pipe at Satinwood Crescent that affected customers in Liverpool.

The water company later confirmed that the burst drain had been repaired.

It added that customers whose water supply had a strange color or smell should contact them.

ECHO contacted United Utilities about the strangely smelling water, but they said they had not received any complaints about it from residents in the Speke area.


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