Brits should avoid booking with a list of travel businesses, according to a travel watchdog.


Brits should avoid booking with a list of travel businesses, according to a travel watchdog.

Due to “shortcomings” in its refund policy, a travel watchdog has compiled a “red list” of travel businesses that vacationers should avoid.

Today, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is expected to disclose which nations will be added to the green list, and British citizens will be anxious to learn which countries will be quarantine-free.

Jetsetters planning a trip away, on the other hand, are encouraged by Which? to carefully select the travel company with which they book their vacation.

The watchdog has developed a Holiday Checker that ranks travel companies’ policy on coronavirus-related disruption and assigns a red, amber, green, or green+ rating to their service.

Which? warns that travel businesses on its blacklist may leave clients stranded if they are unable to go as planned. For a lack of openness, companies that did not provide clear information on their booking policies were also given a red rating.

Which? advises anyone planning a vacation to avoid booking with a “red” firm and to double-check their provider’s flexible booking policy before booking.

“The policies of operators on the red list were not necessarily in violation of consumer law,” the consumer group said, “although some, such as Love Holidays and Teletext, have faced investigations by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the past year over failures to refund their customers.”

Which? has a ‘red list’ of businesses.

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The watchdog stated that it would examine providers on a regular basis and update its lists accordingly.

Which? “Between shifting travel restrictions, both in the UK and overseas, and the ongoing danger of being told to self-isolate, scheduling a foreign trip still comes with some uncertainty, and things can go wrong if you choose the wrong provider,” said Rory Boland, travel editor at The Telegraph.

“However, the top businesses will not abandon you, so do your homework before making a reservation.

“Choosing a red firm over a green company could mean losing the full cost of your vacation if things go wrong and you have to change or cancel your plans.” “The summary has come to an end.”


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