British ambassador to the U.S. resigns after statements about Trump


After a fierce dispute between London and Washington, the British ambassador draws the consequences. He resigns.

The British Ambassador to the USA, Kim Darroch, has resigned. This was announced by the Foreign Ministry in London on Wednesday.

This was preceded by a dispute between London and Washington, triggered by the disclosure of confidential information from the ambassador to his government about the US president. In his depesches, Sir Kim Darroch described the Trump administration as “incompetent” and “uniquely malfunctioning”. Trump himself is someone “who radiates insecurity” and whose presidency may “end in shame”.

US President Donald Trump reacted with sharp Twitter tirades. He did not know the ambassador, but he was not popular, he wrote. He also strongly attacked British Prime Minister Theresa May and her Brexit course: “What a mess she and her representatives have caused. I told her how to do it, but she decided to go another way.” But there is “wonderful news”: Britain will soon have a new prime minister.

Now Darroch is drawing the consequences

On Tuesday, Trump had added more. In other tweets, he described British diplomat Kim Darroch as a “stupid guy” and “pompous fools”. Darroch was also unloaded from a state banquet. Trump announced that he would no longer work with him. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt described Trump’s remarks on Twitter as “disrespectful and false”.

Now Darroch is drawing the consequences: The current situation “makes it impossible for me to play my role the way I would like it to”, the British ambassador said in his letter of resignation on Wednesday. Given the circumstances, he said, “the responsible way is to enable the appointment of a new Ambassador”. (dpa/afp)


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