Bride, who was left at the altar, protests outside the house of the runaway groom in an attempt to reclaim him.


Bride, who was left at the altar, protests outside the house of the runaway groom in an attempt to reclaim him.

A 25-year-old woman who was dumped at the altar by her groom staged a protest in her wedding gown in front of the man’s house to win him back.

Odisha, India’s state of Odisha, was the scene of the unusual episode. Dimple Dash, the bride, was set to marry her longtime partner Sumeet Sahu in a spectacular ceremony on Monday, according to Tribune India.

Despite the fact that the couple had legally registered their marriage in September following a protracted relationship, they decided to perform a traditional Hindu ceremony on Monday. Dimple and her family invited their friends and family, but the groom did not show up.

As a result, Dimple and her family made their way to Sumeet’s home.

His parents, on the other hand, refused to let them in, keeping the door securely shut.

Dimple claims that their marriage was registered without Sumeet’s parents’ knowledge or approval. Sumeet’s parents, she claimed, were torturing her. Though the groom originally backed her, Sumeet is said to have eventually turned on her in favor of his family. Following the bride’s approach to the police to register a harassment case, the families came to an agreement to hold the wedding ceremony.

On the wedding day, however, Sumeet vanished.

“For several days, he [Sumeet] sexually exploited my daughter, and now he has not come up for the wedding,” Dimple’s mother told India Today.

Sumeet’s parents finally relented after hearing about Dimple’s objection and consented to accept her as their daughter-in-law.

“Sumit had married Dimple, I confess. However, she filed a completely unfounded harassment complaint against my family. We’re all free on bail now, and the case is still pending “Pramod Sahu, Sumeet’s father, said Odisha TV.

However, the story did not finish there.

Sumeet later stated that he and Dimple had already filed for divorce.

“Dimple has filed a fake harassment complaint against me and my family, which is currently under investigation. After exhausting all other possibilities, I filed a divorce suit in September 2021 in response to her allegation “According to the outlet, he stated.

Dimple allegedly tried to get into additional problems by staging a demonstration in front of Sumeet’s house, according to Sumeet.


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