Bradley Walsh of The Chase can’t believe one of the contestants was a member of a well-known 1980s band.


Bradley Walsh of The Chase can’t believe one of the contestants was a member of a well-known 1980s band.

When a competitor on today’s edition of The Chase claimed that he was once a member of a well-known musical group, Bradley Walsh was taken aback.

In the most recent episode of the quiz, four new contestants came on the ITV gameshow and competed against Chaser Jenny Ryan for a cash prize.

The first person up was 58-year-old Ron, who startled Bradley Walsh when he expressed an interest in music.

Bradley Walsh of The Chase was left dumbfounded by a contestant’s odd career.

The Blyth warehouseman stated that in his leisure time, he played guitar in a band and performed in bars across the North East in the 1980s.

When the host inquired about Ron’s involvement in any larger bands, the quizzer revealed that he had been a member of a well-known pop group.

“Years ago, I was a member of the band that became Prefab Sprout,” he explained.

Ron claimed that he left because they had a “weird name,” prompting Bradley Walsh to exclaim, “You did not?” ”

During the 1980s, Prefab Sprout were a regular on the charts, with their smash song “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” reaching number 7 in the UK singles charts.

When Ron stated that he quit Prefab Sprout due of the name to join a band named the “Sensible Pencils,” Bradley Walsh couldn’t help but laugh.

“Touch of sliding doors, everyone,” he joked.

Fans of the play took to Twitter to express their feelings on the musical’s history.

“Wow,” one user exclaimed. Because of the name, he had to go! ”

Another person was delighted to be reminded of Prefab Sprout:

Prefab Sprout was a favorite of India’s. The King Of Rock N Roll, Cars And Girls Paddy Mcaloon is a fantastically named character. #TheChase”

Ron restored his confidence in the head to head after a jittery performance in the cash-builder, defeating Jenny Ryan and bringing £2000 home for the Final Chase.

In the Final Chase, he was joined by Alex, a law student from Surrey, and Barbara, a retired market trader from Essex, to fight for a total prize of £12,000.

In the final round, the team accumulated an astounding 23 steps, and The Chaser was unable to catch them, resulting in a £4000 prize for each of them.


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