Bradley Walsh of ITV’s The Chase was struck dumbfounded by a contestant’s “rude” behavior.


Bradley Walsh of ITV’s The Chase was struck dumbfounded by a contestant’s “rude” behavior.

On today’s episode of The Chase, a contestant’s habit rendered Bradley Walsh dumbfounded.

On Wednesday’s episode of the popular ITV game show, the 61-year-old host welcomed four new quizzers.

Sarah, Stephen, Natasha, and George were the most recent contestants to compete against Shaun Wallace for a cash prize.

Sarah, a primary school teacher from Bakewell, sat in seat 1 and said she has a daughter who attends Liverpool University.

The 57-year-old amassed £3,000 in her cash-builder before surviving The Dark Destroyer and making it to the Final Chase.

Sarah walked back to the podium on the ITV show with vigour, even before Bradley Walsh had declared her victory.

Sarah interjected to speak at different points throughout the rest of the show, and the presenter seemed taken aback.

After controversially accepting lower offers, Natasha and Stephen both joined Sarah in the final, and the schoolteacher turned to evaluate the team’s performance with her fellow participant.

“We’ve gone low, we’ve barely got any money,” she explained, “but we’ve gotten three of us through.”

Before the host turned to the camera to admit he had no idea what was going on, Bradley Walsh and Shaun Wallace exchanged surprised looks.

“Don’t ask me what’s going on,” he said. I’m at a loss for words. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s breathtaking.”

“It’s because we all got back,” Sarah explained.

“No, I mean, the bunch of you are so interruptive,” Bradley retorted. It’s like if you were in one of your classes. ‘Miss, give it a break,’ I wonder whether the youngsters ever say to you.

Fans of the show were giggling on Twitter over how Sarah kept interrupting Bradley.

“Sarah, put your hand up if you have anything to say,” Lois added.

“Sarah on #thechase is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame this evening by being really disrespectful and interrupting everyone!” Sabrina said.

“Not only the other competitors, but also @BradleyWalsh and even #Chase.”

“I guarantee they have a lot of wrong person replies since Sarah will answer them all whether or not,” another said.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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