Botched Beauty Treatment ‘Irreversibly’ Damages Woman’s Face: Skin ‘Departed From Skull’


Botched Beauty Treatment ‘Irreversibly’ Damages Woman’s Face: Skin ‘Departed From Skull’

After undergoing a beautification surgery employing a recently licensed Russian medicine, a 37-year-old Russian architect experienced “irreversible” skin damage to her face and had her vision permanently damaged.

According to the New York Post, quoting East2West, the woman, identified only as Svetlana, was injected with the Russian medication Longidaza after a recommendation from her cosmetologist in March.

After her boyfriend commented that she looked old, Svetlana allegedly sought the operation involving the medicine, which was said to heal everything from pulmonary disorders to COVID-induced breathing issues.

According to Russia’s NTV, longidaza, which has been widely used in Russia and its neighboring nations for 15 years, was approved for usage in numerous Western countries this year.

According to, the medicine was designed to break down extra gel under Svetlana’s skin, but it ended up “irreversibly aging her ten years” as her face “shrank like in mummification.”

“My skin sagged like a rag, and my face had entirely detached from my head,” Svetlana claimed, adding that she had also received procedures like as gel injections into her cheeks.

Svetlana stated that the ligaments connecting her skin to her skull had vanished and that the skin around her eyes had dried up completely in three days.

“It’s as if your face is melting and there’s nothing you can do about it.” “Doctors are baffled as to how to treat it,” the architect explained.

Dr. Irina Freimanis, Svetlana’s surgeon, reportedly offered to ease the negative effects by injecting additional gel and giving her more Longidaza. Svetlana was supposedly not charged for the new procedure.

Svetlana’s agony was relieved by the fillers, but they did not alleviate her problems, which were so serious that surgeons and ophthalmologists warned her vision would be permanently impaired.

According to The Post, Svetlana’s skin problems turned her into a “recluse” who “stopped leaving the house.” Svetlana’s boyfriend, who was apparently the reason she underwent the procedure in the first place because of a joke, also dumped her after the failed procedure.

Svetlana is said to have worn COVID-19 masks to hide her wounds, as well as enormous dark glasses and a cap. She claimed that if she had known this could happen, she would never have gone to a beautician.

Svetlana afterwards checked the internet for information on her doctor and discovered that she was not alone in her condition. She went on to report the event to the Russian Investigative Committee (RIC), where a medical examination revealed that she had suffered facial injuries.

“[Longidaza’s] integrity has deteriorated. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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