Boris Johnson’s winter Covid plan 2021 contains five important aspects.


Boris Johnson’s winter Covid plan 2021 contains five important aspects.

Boris Johnson outlined his ‘winter plan’ for dealing with Coronavirus in the coming months today.

The Prime Minister, along with Medical Officers Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance, spoke to the press in Downing Street to lay out the foundation for how the UK would deal with covid this winter.

Following today’s press conference, these are the top five things you should know.

Boris Johnson has confirmed the winter of 2021. Plan Covid-19

For the time being, there are no Covid Certificates available.

Vaccine passports, which would have required those visiting nightclubs or attending major events to produce confirmation of double vaccine status or covid immunity to be admitted, have been shelved for the time being, following days of uncertainty.

Many individuals were critical of the proposals, with Health Secretary Sajid Javid telling the BBC on Sunday that he “never liked the idea of telling people they had to show their papers to do something that is just an everyday activity.”

Although it was announced today that the passports will not be brought in until the beginning of October, the Prime Minister refused to rule out the possibility of their usage in the future.

“It’s just not sensible to rule out this option now,” Mr Johnson added. We must accept the fact that they may determine whether or not enterprises remain open at full capacity.”

Since July 19, over 200 different events have requested proof that attendees have had both jabs or are currently testing negative for Covid, according to the PM.

Plan B is in place.

In addition to the prospect for future use of Covid passports, the PM also spelled out his ‘Plan B’ limits that might be implemented if the NHS becomes overburdened this winter.

Plan A is to keep the vaccines rolling out, including booster shots, and to encourage people to wear face masks and get checked on a regular basis.

Should these safeguards prove insufficient, a “Plan B” strategy, similar to the “tier restrictions” system implemented last winter, may be implemented.

There are proposals for a possible return to working from home, the reinstatement of face masks in places like stores and restaurants, and the introduction of.


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