Boris Johnson is behaving like a dictator, and he must be stopped.


And yet it was still highly disturbing to hear confirmation this morning that the Prime Minister intends to plunge the Queen into a full-scale constitutional crisis and destroy the entire basis of our democracy – just to get his way.

Nothing should surprise us any more.

Political editor Liam Thorp says everyone should be offended and frightened by a drastic move.

For years now, people who call for a second referendum in an attempt to break the turgid impasse of brexite have been denounced as “undemocratic” and “enemies of the people”.

We now live in a world where the US president, who is vying for the next meeting of the G7 World Summit of Heads of State and Government to be held at his own hotel in Miami, is not the craziest political thing happening this week.

It is absolutely true that no one voted for the chaos and pain of a no deal exit from the European Union.

But here we have a Prime Minister in office since the end of July, elected with the votes of only 92,153 conservative party members who intend to close the symbol of our country’s historic and much envied democratic system at a crucial time in our postwar history.

I can already hear the cries: “He is only putting the will of the people into action. What nonsense.

The key architects of the vacation campaign regularly told us during the 2016 campaign how easy it would be to reach a good agreement with our European partners – and even spoke of the many risks of a no-deal exit.

Those who voted for withdrawal did so after being told about prosperity – and not about food and medicine shortages.

They did so after being told about parliamentary sovereignty, not about the suspension of democracy.

Yesterday the leaders of the opposition parties met to find a practical way to stop a chaotic no-deal scenario.

They made compromises, dropped ideas and worked with people they didn’t particularly like to try to find a way for the common good.

They are elected representatives of the people. The attempt to prevent them from exercising their democratic role is as amazing as it is shameful.

Make no mistake, Boris Johnson is behaving like a dictator.

This is what politics should be about – these people know about everything that could go wrong if we break out on October 31, and they also know how this could affect the weakest people in their own constituencies.


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