Boris Johnson has instructed Tory MPs to vote against the Universal Credit cut.


Boris Johnson has instructed Tory MPs to vote against the Universal Credit cut.

Boris Johnson has told Tory MPs to skip a crucial vote on Universal Credit changes, which could affect over 100,000 Merseyside households.

Labour will table a resolution later today pushing the government to reconsider removing the £20-per-week increase, but Johnson has urged his MPs not to vote.

The vote is non-binding, which means the government can ignore it even if an overwhelming majority of MPs support it.

This winter, Covid booster shots are suggested for 30 million people in the United Kingdom.

The change, which will take effect next month, will affect over 134,000 individuals in the Liverpool City Region.

At PMQs this afternoon, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer chastised Johnson for the cut, pointing out that nurses, supermarket employees, and teaching assistants stand to lose more than £1,000 each under the plan.

“At the same time, the Prime Minister squandered billions on crony contracts, slashed taxes for people buying second homes, and gave super-tax breaks to the richest corporations,” he stated.

“That’s not difficult decision-making; that’s political decision-making.

“So why is the Prime Minister opting to exacerbate an already unfair tax system that disproportionately affects working people?”

“A single parent, who may be a constituent working full-time on the minimum wage, would have to work almost nine hours a week on top of their full-time job simply to recover the money back that the Prime Minister is taking away from them,” he continued.

“Prime Minister, they are already full-time employees. They have children; how does the Prime Minister expect them to find the time to work an extra nine hours? Prime Minister, how about an extra day every week?”

“I’ll tell you what we’re doing to help those on low incomes, not only with the Living Wage, but also with 30 hours of free childcare, freezing petrol duty, and increasing the cost of heating allowance,” Johnson responded.

“What we want is a high-wage, high-skill economy with limited immigration, and what they want is low wages, poor skills, and uncontrolled immigration.”

“The truth is that these low-paid individuals can’t work additional hours to make up for it,” Sir Keir said.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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