Bold Street welcomes new restaurant despite fights over level 3 closures.


Orgânico is a vegetable and vegetarian restaurant that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and an early evening menu.

Bold Street has welcomed a new restaurant and juice bar at a time when most restaurants are struggling to survive due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It will offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and an early evening menu as well as fresh produce at the bar.

“Together with Sean Paul, we want to show that a plant-based and vegetarian diet does not mean that meals have to be boring.

said Otto Mellouki: “Everything on the menu uses raw and organic products from the region to increase freshness. We have enlisted the help of celebrity chef Sean Paul Redding to develop a variety of dishes that offer something for every taste, while being completely meat-free.

The owners, Otto Mellouki and Amine El Gueddar, opened their restaurant in the popular street in the city center after they wanted to show people that a plant-based and vegetarian diet does not have to mean that meals have to be boring.

“We are especially pleased with our breakfast menu, which offers so much choice – both sweet and savory – to our vegan community. The entire Orgânico concept is designed to offer people an unrivalled choice of food without compromising on taste, because vegetable alternatives are still incredibly limited in the region. It is our goal to change that.

“I have been on a vegan diet myself for the last six months and I can honestly say that it has made a huge difference in how I feel. In these difficult times, we hope that Orgânico will help to lift people’s spirits with good food, good coffee and an all-round positive mood – that’s something I really care about.

“We started our journey with Orgânico in the summer, and despite the obstacles due to Covid-19, we were determined to open up and show the region how resilient we are together with the rest of the hospitality in Liverpool.

“As restaurant owners, we already know first-hand how difficult it has been for businesses in recent months, and now that the restrictions in the Merseyside region have been tightened, we must remain focused and vigilant.

Orgânico is open seven days a week until early evening.

“Nevertheless, we have confidence in our team and have taken steps to ensure that we can continue to offer our customers the experience they deserve, while ensuring their safety and the safety of our employees.

Co-founder of Orgânico Amine El Gueddar said: “At a time when people’s livelihoods have been compromised, we are incredibly proud to have been able to create new jobs in the hospitality industry, and as part of our recent hiring efforts, we have now hired 12 people to join our growing team, including Front of House, baristas and chefs.

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“We have worked hard to ensure that Orgânico Covid is safe as we have worked with the Foursquare group. Therefore, our staff will wear PPE, hand disinfectants will be available, and we ask that people visit and sign up for Track and Trace only within their household groups. Despite the restrictions, we are pleased to have opened our doors at a time unprecedented for all of us”.

“Our range of counter meals means that people can take something tasty and healthy with them when they travel, and for those who choose to dine, we will provide a full table service in accordance with government recommendations.


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