Bingo thieves, a cruel OAP, and a Lego cocaine gang are among those imprisoned in Liverpool.


Bingo thieves, a cruel OAP, and a Lego cocaine gang are among those imprisoned in Liverpool.

These are the faces of the 12 persons arrested in Merseyside this week for offences related to the county.

Two bingo cashiers stole more than £180,000 from a bingo club that was on the verge of closing due to their greed, and a judge had to jail them.

In court, twisted paedophiles were described, including one who intended to rape a two-year-old child.

Dummy seat belt clips were utilized by the killer drivers.

During a string of attacks on women, one judge had to condemn a disgusting OAP who flung boiling water over female hospital employees.

They dealt with a slew of jerks, including a burglar who splashed his blood all over a famous pub and a drug courier who didn’t realize that not wearing a mask on a train might make him suspicious.

Meanwhile, two former Royal Marines were charged with bringing cocaine into Merseyside in Lego boxes, one of which was accidentally presented to a little boy as a birthday present.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most serious cases that came to a close this week.

Lewis, Samuel

Samuel Lewis, an EncroChat member, stocked up on medications as he concerned about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on his company.

During the pandemic, Lewis, who went by the handle “KeySilver,” was “obviously concerned about market prices,” as communications revealed he was “wheeling and dealing” cocaine, cannabis, and ketamine between March and June 2020.

The 30-year-old worried that the encrypted phone network, which was hacked last year, would be “dry” owing to the impact of the initial lockout, so he wanted to get more “polls” – cannabis resin.

On April 8, police raided his home in Huyton’s Mardale Road, prompting his father to wonder, “Is this because of the Encro phones?”

Officers discovered amphetamine blocks, two sets of scales, and cash.

Lewis admitted conspiring to supply cocaine, ketamine and cannabis and possessing amphetamine with intent to supply.

He was jailed for 12 years.

Cheryl Shackley

Cheryl Shackley stole £51,000 from the letting agency she worked for in Formby.

The 44-year-old funnelled huge amounts out of Art History Ltd over a two-year period because she claimed she was “underpaid”.

When arrested, she. Summary ends.


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