Bingo cashiers who stole £183,000 were apprehended while on vacation.


Bingo cashiers who stole £183,000 were apprehended while on vacation.

While on vacation, two bingo cashiers were found stealing more than £183,000 from their employers.

Jorun Chang, 58, and Jeanette Warrilow, 59, covered up a four-year swindle at Toxteth’s Pavilion Bingo Club, dubbed “The Pivvy.”

They jeopardized the jobs of their coworkers by stealing more than £20,000 every year at a time when the company was losing money.

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The “greedy” mothers, on the other hand, were caught after a manager noticed that takings were greater than usual after the two friends left.

Chang, of Everton’s Queens Road, and Warrilow, of Anfield’s Robarts Road, had both worked for Pavilion for more than two decades.

The iconic bingo hall in Lodge Lane, which is owned by Mark and Gary Armstrong, has roughly 30 employees, according to Liverpool Crown Court.

Prosecutor Cheryl Mottram said the “extremely trusted” ladies worked as cashiers, and Chang also served as a relieving manager.

Customers had to pay cash for bingo cards and electronic terminals, and payments had to be physically recorded on a reconciliation sheet.

The cashier had to calculate the totals at the conclusion of each session and provide a printout along with the reconciliation sheet.

Manager Philip Corran noticed that takings for a Saturday session were “much more than average” in September 2016.

He noticed the printouts and reconciliation sheets didn’t match for previous Saturdays when Warrilow was on shift because she was inputting smaller amounts.

Warrilow was confronted when she returned from vacation, but she claimed she had merely made mistakes and left the office.

At a disciplinary hearing later that month, she was suspended and confessed, as well as apologizing.

“Asked if anyone else was involved, she stated she couldn’t answer that question,” Ms Mottram added.

Chang had been on vacation with Warrilow, and receipts revealed that she had stolen money in the same way.

Ms Mottram said: “A check of the week before she had gone away on holiday showed £1,400 was unaccounted for.”

Records from 2012 to 2016 were “painstakingly analysed” and revealed the pair began stealing hundreds of pounds, but this increased steadily with them eventually “taking well over £20,000 per year each”.

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