Billy on Corrie makes a life-changing decision as Todd’s nefarious scheme backfires.


Billy on Corrie makes a life-changing decision as Todd’s nefarious scheme backfires.

On next week’s Coronation Street, Todd Grimshaw is shocked as Billy makes a major decision.

Todd’s nefarious scheme to steal an expensive heat pump that Billy had purchased for the halfway house backfires when Billy makes a life-altering decision.

When Ed Bailey tells Billy that the insurance company won’t pay out for the stolen pump, he feels embarrassed, according to Mirror Online.

As Todd steals from the yard, Coronation Street viewers see Ed’s error.

He was storing it in the builder’s yard for Billy and had no idea Todd came in and grabbed it to collect some cash after Will blackmailed him for a large sum of money.

Billy is horrified by Ed’s revelation, as he used church cash to pay for the pump, and now they are out of pocket.

Billy is concerned about the way things are going and feels he will be unable to continue doing his beloved work.

He sets up a meeting with the bishop, at which point he declares his intention to quit as archdeacon.

He stuns everyone with his life-changing news, explaining that he doesn’t feel fit for the job following the theft.

When Todd realizes what he’s done, he’s left feeling terribly bad.

He walks in on Billy and the bishop making the announcement, and all he can do is watch in terror.

Harriet is heartbroken for Billy, and following his false detention, she confronts his ex-boyfriend Paul about the crime.

After a squabble with Ed about money difficulties before to the crime, Paul is accused of taking the pump.

Harriet informs Billy that the event has cost him his job, but will she believe him if he claims innocence?

Todd has let him take the fall, but whether or not the truth will come out soon remains to be seen.


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