Bernice from Emmerdale causes consternation by criticizing Diane and Gabby’s departure plan.


Bernice from Emmerdale causes consternation by criticizing Diane and Gabby’s departure plan.

Bernice Blackstock slammed Diane Sugden and Gabby Thomas’ departure plot, and Emmerdale fans agreed.

The pair’s attempts to flee the community were resumed in Thursday’s episode of the long-running serial.

In an emotional statement released last month, Elizabeth Estensen, who plays the iconic Diane, confirmed her departure from the show.

In the present narrative, she intends to uproot her life and relocate to Portugal in quest of a fresh start.

In an earlier episode, the famous character enlisted her granddaughter as part of her escape strategy.

Gabby is pregnant with Jamie Tate’s child and wants to flee the hamlet to avoid his overbearing mother Kim.

In tonight’s episode, the two relayed the news to Bernice, who lambasted her mother and daughter for being selfish.

“I presume you didn’t think about how it would influence my sentiments while you were having your personal meetings, let’s not include Bernie meetings,” she remarked.

“Isn’t that all there is to it?” Portugal is the winner, and I am the loser.” Bernice was told that she could visit whenever she wanted by Diane and Gabby, but viewers of the show quickly chastised her for being a hypocrite.

Samantha Giles’ character uprooted her life in 2016 to go to Australia without consulting her family, and viewers on Twitter were perplexed as to how she could be angry with Diane and Gabby for doing the same thing.

“Bernice, you went to Australia and left your daughter!” Jordan exclaimed.

“Bernice wailing about leaving Gobby, the same Bernice who sped off to Australia for months without a second thought,” Michelle observed.

“Bernice, have you forgotten that you went to Australia for 18 months?” Matthew said.

“What?!,” Ed said. “Whose daughter did they abandon in Australia?” Bernice then made a U-turn and informed Diane and Gabby that she would be accompanying them in their journey to Portugal.


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