Berlin to proclaim climate emergency


A petition to declare a climate emergency in Berlin runs until 23 July. It was submitted by actor Jonathan Berlin.

Berlin is to proclaim the climate emergency – Petition 94357 to the Bundestag on this subject will only run until 23 July 2019. The petition is intended to achieve a climate emergency within the next three months in order to achieve an effective climate policy. It was submitted on 2 May by the actor Jonathan Berlin (“Die Freibadclique”, “Kruso”). About half of the 50,000 votes are still missing.

“I think it’s part of it that we as artists keep putting ourselves in relation to political and social developments. And the task of our generation is climate change. The fact that no climate emergency has yet been declared in Germany is fatal,” said Berlin.

That is why it is crucial “that we use our voices as public figures for this. The European countries in particular must take the lead on climate change. For as long as Bolsonaro leaves the rainforest to be cut down in the most brutal way and Trump, as American president and climate denier, always prevents a global coalition on this point, the Europeans must form a strong axis of change,” said award-winning young actors.

Signing the petition on the Bundestag page is somewhat more time-consuming than on other petition pages, as one still has to register on the Bundestag page – but the topic is worth it. Interested find the petition here.


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