Ben Godfrey exposes Everton’s most underestimated player and the ‘hot’ team bus competition.


Ben Godfrey exposes Everton’s most underestimated player and the ‘hot’ team bus competition.

Demarai Gray’s “huge” effect on Everton since his summer arrival from the Bundesliga has been complimented by Ben Godfrey, who also explained why the team bus is often competitive.

Rafa Benitez’s third signing of the summer window, the winger arrived from Bayer Leverkusen for for £1.7 million.

However, the Premier League champion with Leicester City has made an immediate impact with his new club and has been a revelation so far at Goodison Park.

When asked Godfrey who he thought was Everton’s most underestimated player in the new FIFA 22 game, he didn’t hesitate to cite the summer signing’s effect.

“I don’t know, like the start he’s had to the season,” the Everton defender said.

“I knew he was a fantastic player, but for him to come in and have such an effect has been incredible.”

“He’s a huge player for us now, and it’s well-deserved.” He is a diligent worker who is also a nice guy.” FIFA games have clearly been a fixture of the Everton dressing room for some time, and Godfrey has confessed that games between the squad on the team bus can frequently get intense.

However, there are two names that stick out as the greatest match.

“Yeah, it’ll get competitive because on the team coach and whatnot, you know those small portable screens the lads have?” Godfrey continued.

The lads take it out on the coach, which becomes heated quickly because everyone feels they’re the best, you know what I mean?”

Mason Holgate or Jordan Pickford [are the finest], in my opinion. They spend a lot of time playing with one other.

“Do you know what I mean?” “They just have that aptitude for it.”

In terms of the Everton squad’s worst FIFA player…

Godfrey said, “Could be Andros Townsend.”

“Just his tactics are all wrong; he claims he doesn’t play much, but I know he does.”

“Unfortunately, he’s one of them who doesn’t have it.”

“I’d have to put Andros down there,” says the narrator.

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