Beggar who conquered the hearts of a city that was taken by court order.


Clifford Smith, 48 years old, from the Grangeway Court, was served a three-year warrant for criminal conduct in the North Cheshire District Court last Tuesday 13 October.

A runcorn beggar was ordered to stop causing harassment.

Clifford Smith had become a social media favorite, but now he was ordered to change his behavior.

It prohibits him from doing any of the following in Cheshire: antisocial behavior that causes or could cause harassment, alarm or distress; gathering in a group of two or more people in this way; and begging.

The Halton Troop Problem Solving Team had applied for the CBO.

A Cheshire police spokesman said Smith had more than 50 convictions, including for drugs, theft and public order offences.

“In the case of Clifford Smith he has a long list of convictions and his unacceptable behaviour has had a significant detrimental effect on those involved and on the community in general.

Smith was briefly at the center of a festive outpouring of sympathy in the social media in the winter of 2018, when a flood of postings flooded Facebook, reporting warm gestures from members of the public, such as children giving him a Christmas card.

Following the CBO hearing, PC Chris Nicholls of the Runcorn Beat Management Team said: “The Criminal Behaviour Orders will be applied for separately for the prosecution of crimes once all reasonable solutions to persistent offenders have been explored.

“He has persistently shown no consideration for the impact of his offense on others.

“There comes a point when one must say enough is enough and take additional measures to protect the community.

“I hope this will give him a wake-up call to change his behavior and prevent him from committing further crimes.

“I welcome the court’s decision to impose a three-year CBO on Smith.

The police spokesman said Smith has been made aware that it is a criminal offense to violate the terms of a CBO.

“I also hope that it reassures the people of Runcorn that we will not tolerate such behavior and that we will use all means at our disposal to ensure that the town is a pleasant place to live, work and visit.

David Keane, Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “This successful CBO application sends a clear message that continued criminal behaviour will not be tolerated in Runcorn.

A CBO violation will be punishable by a maximum sentence of five years.


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