Before the holidays, Domino’s will hire 8,000 additional employees.


Before the holidays, Domino’s will hire 8,000 additional employees.

To cope with the Christmas rush, Domino’s has announced the employment of 8,000 extra drivers.

Despite a widespread driver shortage, which has resulted in empty petrol pumps and store shelves across the UK in recent weeks, the revelation comes as good news.

According to the BBC, the fast-food giant has already hired thousands of people to meet demand in the last year or so.

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Domino’s announced in June that it was employing 5,000 chefs and delivery drivers, as employees who had joined during the pandemic returned to their previous employment after the Covid restrictions were lifted.

Domino’s claimed to have high long-term prospects because more than 90% of store managers began their careers in the kitchen or as delivery drivers.

It further stated that the majority of the positions available were permanent rather than seasonal.

Domino’s says it built five new restaurants in the last quarter, bringing the total number of new stores this year to 18.

Dominic Paul, the company’s CEO, stated: “Despite well-publicized inflationary pressures and a difficult labor market, our supply chain continues to generate great results, which is a credit to the competence and dedication of our staff.

“While we expect these headwinds to persist beyond 2022, our effectiveness in managing them to date gives us confidence that our current growth trajectory will be maintained.

“We’re happy to be supporting that growth by generating new jobs, and we’re announcing today that we’re hiring 8,000 new colleagues across the UK and Ireland.”

The firm’s good health has been helped, according to the pizza company, by their new app, which now accounts for 42 percent of pizza sales.


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