Before Kim Jong Un, a video of shirtless North Korean soldiers performing stunts went viral.


Before Kim Jong Un, a video of shirtless North Korean soldiers performing stunts went viral.

A video has gone viral showing shirtless North Korean troops performing acrobatics in front of leader Kim Jong Un.

Martyn Williams, a North Korean-focused journalist and researcher, released the 133-second footage on Twitter on Tuesday, and it has since been extensively shared and viewed.

Soldiers, some of whom were shirtless, were seen in the video performing or assisting with two-footed jump kicks targeted at breaking what seemed to be concrete tiles.

Another soldier was observed charging at a series of concrete tiles with his head, cracking them, just moments later.

The camera then pans to North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, 37, who appears to be enjoying the show and applauding as the acts are completed.

Another segment included a shirtless soldier being pelted with poles by those who surrounding him, with the soldier breaking between hits to shout in a theatrical manner.

Members of the crowd clapped as the film, which also included Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong, 34, continued, was intercut.

A shirtless soldier crushed two glass bottles together in the final act before getting down and lying on the debris.

At the Defence Development Exhibition, this demonstration was a little tense. North Korean television broadcasted a video today. Martyn Williams (@martyn williams) October 12, 2021 According to Williams, the clip was shown on North Korean television on Tuesday and has been viewed over 1 million times and liked over 10,000 times.

However, many on Twitter were unimpressed with the display, claiming that it would be of little use on the battlefield.

Kim declared on Monday that he would not use his increasing military and weapons arsenal against South Korea, and that the US should prove that it was not hostile to the country.

He made the remarks while speaking about the necessity to create his mighty military at a missile and other weapons exhibition in Pyongyang. The show, which commemorated the 76th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party’s foundation, was the first of its sort since Kim assumed office in 2011.

The US State Department has stated that its goal is for the country to be completely de-nuclearized. This is a condensed version of the information.


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